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tv   Headline News  RT  July 22, 2014 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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really. this is r t international this hour ukrainian warplanes reportedly palm the town near the crash site of the lazy and passenger jet despite the president's ban on her still it takes. time to government forces have now handed over the flight data recorders to the officials probing the crash while the train carrying the bodies of flight m.h. seven teams victims now reaches harkov completing the first stage of its journey. russia's defense ministry presents radar evidence that a ukrainian fights a jet was in the nearby airspace at the time of the disaster and circled the crash site. and western media know who's to blame heaping accusations on
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russia citing evidence from ukrainian officials social media and the internet. good evening it's ten pm here in moscow money is kevin zero in thanks for joining us this hour if you just tuned in our top story then the ukrainian army has reportedly been launching attacks on towns and villages in the east which kiev had declared a no combat zone it's in an area around forty kilometers wide around the site of the malays even plane crash one resident told us that they're still being bought. my friends holiday home was shelled from rocket launches and that's what they found in their backyard hit their garage two cars down luckily no one was killed but the entire village has been raised it's no farther than ten kilometers from here and
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the president promised us a forty kilometer no comfort zone i took the shell with me to show it to the international observers working on the side now my way here i saw two fighter jets and shortly after wards the sounds of bombs explode and my mum just called me and said they had been bombed. most of the bodies now of the victims of age seventeen are finally making their way towards creation this train here called the train of death has brought the remains to the city of article of from there they are said to be flown on to the netherlands. has got the details now let's talk to him by the romans so a significant step forward in getting the victims of last returned home for burial and the handover two of those flight data recorders. ken before i get to see a question i just heard the noise of multiple rocket launchers to the left of me
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and to the right as well they are i know they are at a distance right now and nevertheless it's a little bit unnerving. to your question how indeed the bodies of all over two hundred victims they have been delivered to the city off to coffee beyond the control of the self defense the self-proclaimed self-defense forces and they have gone there along with a dutch forensic said team and from then on according to dutch prime minister they will be moved to the netherlands by air while the dutch forensics team the head of their team said that they're satisfied with the way that the bodies were stored and then transported. to watch. the train and the wagons and i'm. thinking the story itself the bodies. group of quality.
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and of course the black boxes sell flight recorders or comment on as black boxes have been collected from the site said they were under the control of the self-proclaimed. people's republic here they have now been handed over to the malaysian authorities and that happened late on a monday night sans malaysian authorities in their turn they will take these black boxes send them over to british aviation experts and hope that will shed some light on what actually happened to flight m.h. seventeen now always see the mission are continuing to monitor the situation here on the ground initially they said that they had had trouble reaching the side that's a no longer the case right now they have a completely full access and use they mark said the first day that some malaysian aviation experts arrived at the scene they had a chance to scour the territory they were there on a fact finding mission and they also express
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a gratitude for the full access and for the level of protection that they received here in eastern ukraine meanwhile the head of the spokesperson for they always see who's here on the ground say he said that perhaps it's time for those who have more expertise to finally be here and he also added that this still haven't heard anything from the international aviation commission. all right for now from tonight's the room cost of thanks for the. well intensification of the fighting in east ukraine around the image seventeen tragedy of course has come up at an emergency meeting of russia's security council headed by president putin has made a conscious of a look to what was said. the president says that russia is to ensure a full scale and transparent investigation into the h. seventeen crash in eastern ukraine the one that will be available to the international community and moscow says that it is ready to facilitate such
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a crash investigation however that seems to be not enough. we are being called on to influence the self-defense forces in southeast ukraine i sit in we would do everything possible but russian steps alone absolutely not enough kiev authorities have to be called upon to follow the basic norms of decency and to enter a ceasefire during the time of the investigation the president is calling for the key of to at least act appropriately as its current actions are not assisting the investigation but rather slowing it down and the president is also pointing at the un going situation in the area very close to the city of then yes as the president says that ukrainian troops attacked self-defense. now it's almost at the same time as government forces were handing over the black boxes from the crash to international experts and investigators working at the scene. so as the
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investigation into what brought. gets under way russia's defense ministry has provided evidence that kiev may have had a hand in the tragedy it's made public now it's data from the area and it shows a. craft in close proximity to the plane air traffic control failed to identify it which according to defense officials suggests it was a military jet. at five twenty one pm and thirty five seconds another mark of an aircraft appeared at the point of the boeing crash this aircraft was steadily monitored by radar station. and detour in sky during the next four minutes having spotted the jet in air traffic controller failed to identify it as the aircraft most probably didn't ourself identification system which is characteristic of military aircraft. well this is one of the satellite images released it shows ukrainian missile systems being deployed from
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a base some distance from the crash site but in the next photo taken on the day of the tragedy one of the missile launches is missing it was detected by a satellite near where the plane came down on this graph to shows how radar activity in ukraine peaked on the day of the crash possibly indicating the use if you cranium and tears systems. for his part ukraine's president denies that the country's military was involved in the downing of the plane talking to c.n.n. petro poroshenko said satellites and air defense systems were monitoring the skies of ukraine and he insisted the data from them will confirm that all ukrainian planes were on the ground at the time of the crash the u.s. says there's intelligence to back up their accusations against east ukraine militias in russia but is holding back from making any of that public the state department was asked why. well you're willing to present publicly that backs
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up your version of the story which may well be the correct version of the story but all you need while well it may well be but i think you know i don't know and you know. because i haven't seen your evidence that shows that the missile was launched from rebel held territory but you're saying but so the only thing you're willing to put out publicly is the social media accounts and i mean the social media that's part of it right but there is social media account that says that the disputes that are the claims to present a different a different version so what was that immersion be matt why don't you there are many many many theories but you're saying not the way you're going to meet me illogical well i would point out though all of the accounts that do not support your version of events are now wrong and all of the ones that do support it are right because we make assessments based on a variety of intelligence in a variety of information some of which we can talk about publicly and some of what we can accusations from state officials was spurred by much of the mainstream media which is putting all the blame for the crash on russia long before an official
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investigation reached a conclusion cannes been looking into what some news outlets are passing off as facts hours after the tragic crash of m h seventeen a toxic mix of politics and speculation filled the airwaves and headlines worldwide with the western media already determining who to blame this is not a case where terrorists are operating without an address or home base it's called the kremlin is it time to stand up to rest. i think we have to hold them accountable international monitors say they now have open access to the war torn area where the plane fell and are now working to reveal what exactly happened to m.h. seventeen but in the court of public opinion the investigation itself may have already been discredited they may be stymied in the investigation because they don't want to have the real proof of the fact that they actually shot this aircraft down there
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have been reports saying that already some of the black black boxes had been recovered and were in moscow there has been no confirmation that the black boxes were even heading to moscow many unconfirmed reports have sprung up since the crimes a tape was widely circulated in the media with conversations between who were said to be ukrainian rebels as well as between the rebels and allegedly russian intelligence officers discussing the plane crash here has also provided a video of what it said was the launcher used to down m.h. seventeen about to be smuggled into russia these recordings were only very fine by the ukrainian intelligence service hardly an impartial party in the conflict the obama administration has put out its own version of events saying a missile was shot from rebel held territory but presenting no evidence to back it up the media does not treat all sources equally either and in the court of public opinion innocent until proven guilty does not always apply. to check on our t.
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washington d.c. let's go to paris erickson a she's there it's read through the french center for intelligence studies hi there thanks for being with us eric we just heard it now the u.s. says it's got proof that rebel militia fired this it begs the question maybe some people will say it's still early days but it begs the question why isn't this information if the social big release a made public surely now we want. this awful thing that's going on yes but i know the real problem is that we don't want any substantial evidence are any so disproved even the us the us said the they are absolutely sure that the image seventeen being thought. this is the only things which probably is route for the rest we don't out anything serious and i would like to say that in my opinion it's
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most trial on systematically all the time and i think the u.s. . interests do and russia in such a weird and again talking about what evidence they say they have the americans but they're not going public with it how can we be so sure that the ukrainian military were not involved before an official investigation has been carried out they cannot be so sure i'm just going to give you an example remember what. consenting the chemical weapons in syria that the us in a say the french. and the british do see h.q. say they are absolutely essential you didn't on the fact that the shah was responsible of the attack but they were all wrong it's absolutely essential mission today it's too early to say that we have some evidence concerning this horrible accident there's much emotion over this so much heartbreak but of course that's the
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problem of time of this people go how how could this have happened they want answers but is the media driven known we've seen so many headlines up in britain for a couple of days myself you see so many anti russian headlines etc etc putin everywhere . is that the feeling of the media guided by you know what washington saying for instance what public is saying in the media just kind of going on and reporting it again without reporting the fact. i have been you know i'm not promoting a russian interests and fighting against western stupidity and christian responsibility. like to see if it can beno to straighten both washington and it's a shame and a bit too but unfortunately most of the leaders in the media and western europe are on the same line of light in fact this kind of money creation benefits us because you know the pentagon these are looking for for molly fein and somebody who's asian of the nuclear weapons and the last situation with russia
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a stance the better it is for its projects. and talk now of more sanctions against russia imminent sanction this is that going to happen anytime soon is it really going to happen really going to go through this until now europe's been holding back again before the results of any official proper investigation or even anywhere near being put on the table really up i don't know because it's too early to sit on one side i just saw that some days ago all the president usa citizen joe biden saying it has no soul i or saw her. and their congresswoman which is in charge of the other side of intelligence agencies see that we are in situational or what i think this is too much but as i told you some moments ago i think there is a strategy for us beyond this communication but on the other side we need friends we know that washington will try to take advantage of the situation to differently
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destroy the french and european armament industry and i'm talking about misconduct or indeed a huge pretty good pressure now not to sell mistral even the half of it's been paid by russia the big pressure from america and britain over the last twenty four hours or so that they must not go ahead the french mustn't sell it what's your view yes more and more we are under pressure from the nature or from the u.s. and from other western countries. we are also you are of the. that the fourth of july fourth national war a. deal that us for the french more than friendship the mistral was not at all to get into at the bill new york and but in france we see that it's not possible to stop the sale to russia because the bin has the french armament and distressed me it would be huge and some months ago when we first talk about the fact that maybe we can stop the sale we had a discussion with the us and nato and they told and they asked them can you be. the
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difference and tell you that the russians are going to ask and everybody says no so i don't think we're going to stop the sale anyway the french government say the final answer will be given in. the right to a structure the french center for intelligence studies thanks for being on out international. divisions grow between moscow and london coming up shortly the u.k. launches a public inquiry into the poisoning of excess s.p. office alexander litvinenko with russia its probably. also reporting to the number of palestinians killed in israel's offensive passes six hundred is the un secretary general pushes for a cease fire just a couple of stories we're covering a few minutes hence. the
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interview. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you. is a little tentative angles to the stories. you hear.
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the spanish find out more visit. the u.k. will hold a public inquiry into the death of former russian f.s.b. officer alexander litvinenko poisoned in london many a decade ago now the investigation could shed light then on who was behind the assassination. reports. alexander litvinenko as many of you will remember was a former f.s.b. officer who died in london in two thousand and six now some of his family say that they believe that he was working for six at the time of his death but he was allegedly poisoned with radioactive polonium after drinking tea with two russian men in a london hotel now the new investigation is set to examine whether or not russia
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was behind his death and the home secretary theresa may said that she was hoping that the inquiry would be of some comfort to alexander litvinenko is a widow last year a judge ruled that indeed a public inquiry with its wider powers is exactly what is needed to try and get to the bottom of how alexander litvinenko died now the timing of this is very significant it comes at such a. point in relations between the u.s. the u.k. and russia in the wake of the crash of flight m h seventeen over eastern ukraine now ministers in westminster have reportedly said that the timing of the inquiry is pure coincidence but what a coincidence it is. believed the case is yet another british should turn to punish. this comes on the very day that britain is trying to push other
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members of the e.u. to impose tougher sanctions on russia so this is just one more stick that the u.k. government think they can beat russia with and so i think it's no coincidence that all the comes out just five days after this terrible plane disaster in ukraine it's all part of this russian phobic campaign and the u.k. government will be hoping that bringing this back into the limelight trying to hold people against russia and so it's a political decision lightly the middle east conflict now israeli warning shots are being fired at a building in gaza city where foreign journalists are based are no casualties but the building which is situated in a residential area was evacuated israel earlier warned it wouldn't be responsible for journalists safety in the area but it's garza's civilians who've been affected most since israel's anti militant operation two weeks ago as you can see on the news for the offensive has claimed the lives now up to the ceiling of six hundred five palestinians israel's last thirty people to twenty eight of them have been
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i.d.f. soldiers. amasses continued firing rockets into israel raising consumer to security concerns several american european airlines have suspended flights now to tel aviv for a rocket landed near ben-gurion airport u.n. secretary ban ki moon is urging israel to exercise maximum restraint in gaza and get back to negotiations as soon as possible but israeli leader pretty minute you know who remains defiant what grievance can we solve for hamas their grievances that we exist they don't even want to two state solution they don't want any state solution some of them so they should open up great movement and dissolve all the regimes are arms and therefore in the face of such extremism in the face of such violence in the face of such terror israel has no option but to do. this is what we are doing as is our right. adding to the civilian toll was monday's tank shelling of a hospital in central gaza which killed at least five people one norwegian doctor volunteering
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in gaza wrote an open letter drawing the attention to the horrific injuries witnessed by the medics he describes lakes of blood in emergency rooms where the wounded are constantly arriving mads gilbert also appealed to western leaders to take a closer look at what's happening arguing that spending just one night at a hospital where he works would be enough to change their minds are a fear talk to him. what israel is actually doing is it's applying an immensely disproportionate force which we see not at least in austral i mean when we look at all these are burned bodies i think they use an ira of different grenades and charges. both of the bombardment of buildings and destroying of whatever hobbit out there is and to cause this sort of on to person although if facts. and this roughness are shuttles are really hard to treat because it takes number one they're deadly if they penetrate your cave it's called the chest abdomen they would cut
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open with blood vessels and you bleed to death within a short time depending on the size of the trouble but if it doesn't penetrate like we had all these children with hundreds of shrapnel stuck you have to sit and extract one by one and it's extremely painful and of course it's dangerous because economic infections so it's an irony of weaponry that they are using all the time. what is your response the general the general situation of violence especially in this context of what's almost a cycle almost of every few years this happening actually yeah and that's that's really a good question because it seems i think i heard one a spokesperson for i.d.f. saying that everybody who has a backyard needs that you know that you need to trim all de launay were in on that and that's what we're doing basically every third year we have to go down and cut the grass it has a meaning killing people. in a way this is a huge obstacle to peace because it sort of moves everything backwards backwards
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backwards instead of finding you know what can we agree on like said if you want peace you have to talk to enemies this is not talking to enemies this is make your enemies really untalkative. f.b.i. is proceed to terrorists as it seems serve to create them out of law abiding citizens are appalled by human rights watch also says american muslims are these security agencies top targets is not his motive for nine. well whatever you want to call it the reality is that hundreds of american muslims are being arrested and prosecuted for taking part in crimes manufactured and orchestrated by the u.s. government a lengthy report released by human rights watch finds that nearly all of the highest profile domestic terrorism plots post nine eleven featured direct involvement by f.b.i. informants who recruit the targets and induce them into taking part in would be terrorist attacks now most of if not all of the targets are muslim the role that the f.b.i.
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informant or agent provocateur plays is that he sets up the plan he provides the weapons he encourages the target and even at times induces him or her by promising cash to carry out the would be attack now human rights watch focused primarily on twenty seven cases and found the following that the federal bureau of investigation may have created terrorists out of law abiding individuals by conducting sting operations that facilitated or invented the target's willingness to act in one case a judge said the government came up with the crime provided the means and removed all relevant obstacles the report also says that in aggressively pursuing terrorism threats before they even materialize u.s. law enforcement overstepped its role by effectively participating in developing terrorism plots now as of two thousand and eight the f.b.i. had roughly fifteen thousand paid informants about thirty percent of the nine eleven terrorism cases are considered sting operations which informants played an
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active role in recruiting the would be terrorists and setting them up to commit the crime. of programs to. break use it. we chased profit very large very attractive and now very globally recognized source of oil for the world looking into the future the world's odd cheapest and best petroleum deposits have been mined out we have to use more energy to get this energy industries grow like a cancer each of the squares ten kilometers where. and this whole area is slated for the plane of the turgeon for water that's our wildlife service and that's where fisheries we chop stop this is the end game when it takes two tons
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of sand to make one barrel of oil you know here at the bottom line and that's where we're at. the chill ourselves. you surely know where you.
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well going to break in the set i'm abby martin so this past weekend tens of thousands of activists and countries around the world took to the streets to protest the continued israeli aggression in the gaza strip and paris demonstrators were met with tear gas and rubber bullets of they defied a recent ban on pro palestinian protests and act by the french government and five thousand people surrounded the israeli embassy and pasted.


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